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The same ragtag association of Comic Twart artists who previously gave us variant Sandman portraits, multiple Luke Cage homages and hypothetical "What If...?" covers recently put their heads together to assemble a few impressions of the "Futurama" cast, and some of the submissions that appeared look nothing like the animated scenes that have appeared on television.

Tom Fowler in particular went above and beyond the call of duty at ComicTwart.com. If Matt Groening ever decides to to a spin-off line of "Futurama"-based pulp prose novels, he would be wise to give Fowler a ring and see if he's still got his contribution lying around. Evan Shaner and Andy Kuhn, meanwhile kept the mood a little lighter and more traditional in their pieces, but Franceso Francavilla stayed somewhere in the middle and produced a vintage-looking magazine cover for Fry and his friends.

Whether your like your "Futurama" light and funny or dark and gritty, we've plucked the highlights of this little online art show and placed them below for you to peruse.

Tom Fowler

Ramón Pérez

Andy Kuhn

Francesco Francavilla

Evan "Doc" Shaner