Comedy Central's begun its countdown to all-new "Futurama" episodes and the initial results are wonderfully disturbing. Starting yesterday CC announced that it would be debuting new stills and other previews daily at its CCInsider blog until the show's June 24 premiere...or re-premiere depending on how you want to look at it.

The first of 26 all-new episodes is set for a 10 p.m. EST debut, which should be easy for fans to remember considering "Futurama" reruns have held the time slot for awhile now.

While "Futurama's" return to television is owed to the support of its fans in the form of sufficient syndicated television ratings and strong DVD sales, it's worth noting that Bongo's comic book adaptation of the series has been in print for a decade and will hit its 50th issue this July. Sales estimates show the last issue moved more than 6,000 copies in the direct market. Sure, it's not Comedy Central Nielsen numbers, but its nice to see an example of how comics helped feed "Futurama" fans during its regular broadcast hiatus.

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