From the looks of what Diamond Comic Distributors has release so far, Free Comic Book Day 2014 on May 3, will once again be a most family-friendly affair.

Diamond unveiled what it's calling its "gold-level title" list today, 12 books from publishers including DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Archie, Dark Horse, Viz Media, Bongo Comics, Boom! Studios and Fantagraphics. The fare is almost all kid-friendly stuff, with Hello Kitty, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Uncle Scrooge comics all on tap.

The comics geared at older readers seem to be the ones from the top three publishers. DC will offer up a first look at its new weekly series, The New 52: Futures End. Marvel's offering will be a Guardians of the Galaxy book. Image is giving fans a #0 issue of Marc Silvestri's new, mysical comic, Rise of the Magi.

Check out the full list of solicitations below.


FCBD 2014 Archie Digest

Archie Comics
Archie Comic Digest FCBD 2014 EDITION
(W) George Gladir, Various (A) Fernando Ruiz, Various
(CA) Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Rosario “Tito” Peña
The world’s most famous teenagers for over seven decades are all here in this FREE digest! Packed with non-stop laughs and gaffs, we challenge you to find a FCBD offering with more pages than this! The perfect introduction to the world of Archie and his friends, this digest is filled with stories from some of the best creators in the business!
Digest, 96pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Bongo

Bongo Comics
Bongo Comics Free-for-all! FCBD 2014 Edition
(W/A) Matt Groening, Various
It’s the foremost FCBD four-color giveaway of the year! Bart and Milhouse seek superheroic origin stories by attempting to acquire “accidental” superpowers… and learn that with trying to obtain great power comes great irresponsibility! Plus: Bart and Prof. Frink become trapped in between dimensions when a science demonstration goes awry, and C. Montgomery Burns takes us on a guided tour through the bowels of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Kaboom

Boom! Studios
KaBoom! Summer Blast 2014 FCBD Edition
(W/A/CA) Various
KaBOOM! Summer Blast is the perfect way to share timeless properties like Peanuts, Garfield, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, and Herobear & The Kid with new readers young and old! KaBOOM! Summer Blast also features the debut of a brand new all-ages series!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Avatar

Dark Horse Comics
Avatar/ Itty Bitty Hellboy/ Rexodus FCBD 2014 Edition
(W) Gene Luen Yang, Art Baltazar, Franco, David Lapham
(A) Faith Erin Hicks, Art Baltazar, David Lapham
(CA) Faith Erin Hicks
Three All-Ages Favorites in One! In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka follows Suki as she gives a lesson in manners and encourages a young girl's strength! Itty Bitty Hellboy has fun toying with nemesis Rasputin, and the Juice Squeezers crew leap into action to defend one of their own against a persistent bully. Hilarity ensues!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 DC

DC Comics
The New 52: Futures End FCBD Special Edition
(W) Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens
(A) Ethan Van Sciver (CA) Ryan Sook
Jump on board DC Comics’ epic weekly series beginning with this all-new FCBD issue that features tomorrow’s Dark Knight, Batman Beyond (making his first appearance in The New 52), battling an army of cyborgs to avert an Apocalypse in the future which could destroy the DC Universe of the present! But that's not all; there are still more surprises to come. Stay tuned for more details!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Scrooge

Fantagraphics Books
Uncle Scrooge: A Matter of Some Gravity FCBD 2014 Edition
(W/A) Don Rosa
In "A Matter of Some Gravity" by fan-favorite Don Rosa, saucy sorceress Magica De Spell turns Scrooge's life sideways — literally! — when she distorts the forces of gravity! Then, in "The Sign of the Triple Distelfink", Lucky Gladstone Gander faces a 24-hour luck jinx — and battles to hide it from a gloating Cousin Donald! Only ever published in the USA in under-printed mid-1990's editions, these Rosa classics are back like you've never seen them before!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 TF GI Joe

IDW Publishing
Transformers VS. G.I. Joe FCBD 2014 Edition
(W) Tom Scioli, John Barber (A/CA) Tom Scioli
Two titans of pop culture clash in the kick-off of an all-new, all-action ongoing series! When Earth is threatened by giant machine life from outer space, the planet's greatest heroes unite—but will they be enough? From the pulse-pounding pen of visionary artist Tom Scioli begins the most cosmic crossover of all time!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 die Witches

Image Comics
Rise of the Magi #0
(W/A/CA) Marc Silvestri
Asa Stone, a young guardian at the gates of our reality, has seen a truth meant to be hidden and never seen. With his life a shattered ruin, he finds himself, keeper of a terrible secret and a list of seven names; Seven magicians, sorcerers, thieves, and killers who can be neither trusted nor believed and yet, stand as the only weapon mankind has against an unstoppable evil! Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Cyber Force) presents a new fantasy-adventure series!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Comics
Guardians of the Galaxy FCBD 2014 Edition
(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Nick Bradshaw
(CA) Sara Pichelli
In an all-new story by award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and acclaimed artist Nick Bradshaw, the Guardians of the Galaxy welcome Venom and Captain Marvel to the team for the launch of a not-to-be-missed death-defying epic! PLUS: Writer Dan Slott lays the foundation for 2014’s top secret Spider-Man event that will rock the Wall Crawler’s world forever!
32pgs, FC FREE!



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers FCBD 2014 Edition
(W/A) Various
In 1993, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers burst onto the scene in an explosion of colorful combat, bizarre monsters, incredible robot battles, and Megazord-sized fun, spawning a global phenomenon and an ever-expanding storytelling universe. These comics present the stories fans have waited over 20 years for: all-new tales featuring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! This is a never-before-seen story starring the six Power Rangers, and is not a reprint of any existing material!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Spongebob

United Plankton Pictures
Spongebob Freestyle Funnies FCBD 2014 Edition
(W/A) Graham Annable, Jacob Chabot, Gregg Schigiel, Corey Barba, Various
United Plankton’s all-new SpongeBob comic book for FCBD 2014 starts with "Relocate!", in which we finally learn the answer to the age-old question: "What if Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick's houses all became giant robot creatures and stomped around Bikini Bottom?" Also: the debut of the saltwater super-sensation, Mermaid Girl, and SpongeBob schools Patrick in the ways of comic-book making in "SpongeBob ComicSnob!" Plus: comics from James Kochalka, Sam Henderson, Nate Neal, and Andy Rementer!
32pgs, FC FREE!


FCBD 2014 Hello Kitty

Viz Media
Hello Kitty: Surprise! FCBD 2014 Edition
(W/A) Various
Hello Kitty and her friends star in all-new comic book adventures, and this time they're letting their imaginations run wild! Plus: Don't miss the sneak peek of Perfect Square's upcoming tribute book celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary! Bonus Feature! Perfect Square introduces exciting Bravest Warriors adventures featuring the irrepressible Catbug!
32pgs, FC FREE!


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