We're living in pretty grim times these days, what with explosive volcanoes, massive oil spills and an impending Gundam uprising. But sometimes, there are still things in this world that are positively filled with win.

This illustration from Gotta Be Carl combining the cast of Futurama with the various characters in the X-Men universe is one such victory. Fans of both properties are going to have a field day with this Easter egg-filled photo. My favorites are fairly obvious picks: Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker as Magneto and Toad is pure perfection, while Zoidberg as Wolverine with adamantium lobster claws is just priceless. The only adjustment I can think of is swapping Fry and Leela's roles, but beyond that, this is absolutely perfect.

Beyond the Futurama/X-Men mash-up, Gotta Be Carl has some other cool artwork up on Deviant Art, including a beautifully illustrated "New Mutants" piece. Go on, check it out!

[Link via io9.]

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