Devil's Due has provided Comics Alliance with a 6 page preview of the new G.I.Joe: America's Elite #23. The first issue is due in stores May 2.

G.I.Joe: America's Elite #23
by: Mark Powers & Mike Bear

The unbelievable Baroness story continues! She's confronted all that have betrayed her, except for one... but on the trail of her last target, her path crosses with another from her past: Flint returns! But is he going to stop her quest for revenge or help her with it?


"If you haven't been reading GIJoe comics for awhile, then now may be a good time to start back up! 4 Stars our of 5" -

"Writer Mark Power has written a story with so many layers, this could go anywhere, and does. His character development is intriguing and plots have so many twist and turns, you cling to every page. 4 out of 5" ~

Click the images below for a full sized preview.


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