Nightwolf: the Price #1 coverPress Release

Marty Adelstein and 20th Century Fox Television have struck a deal to develop the comic book series by VLE Comics' Stephen L. Antczak, published by Devil's Due, about a werewolf turned anti-hero as an ongoing television series.

Nightwolf focuses on Davey Doyle, a man determined to find a way to redeem himself when his parent die by his own hand thanks to a curse that causes him to transform into a monstrous killer during every full moon. By stalking the streets of Quad City, Doyle tracks the most sinister individuals he can find for the perfect hunt when he is forced to unleash the demon within. In his eyes, if this creature must stalk human prey, at least he may hunt those who deserve it.

Adelstein is best known for his involvement with the runaway hit television series Prison Break, a series that Nightwolf's creator admires.

"Prison Break is a show you can really sink your teeth into, and doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator" said Antczak, "Like the world of Nightwolf, it doesn't conform to what comic book fans expect from the typical superhero tale."

Adelstein Productions is considering both broadcast and cable network potential for the series, and is currently searching for a writer for the pilot.

"This marks Devil's Due's first foray into television, following a string of film options." said DDP president Josh Blaylock. "The fact that we landed a project with someone of Marty's caliber is... well, I have to pinch myself to be sure it's all real."

Look for Devil's Due at booth 2415 at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International!

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