Like all architects of the arguably insane, we're not sure if Marvel Brothel creator "Calunio" knew the infamy he'd inspire with their confounding X-Men sex RPG. All we can surmise for certain is that the game's off-color content resonated with enough tenacity to be mentioned alongside Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead, 7 Psychopaths, Secret Six, and Alan Moore's Absolute Promethea in the latest installment of G4's Fresh Ink! Online, hosted by Blair Butler. That's pretty excellent company for such an utterly tasteless videogame.

Hit the jump to hear more about Blair's pick for the Fresh Ink Online Story of the Week.Aside from reliving the horror that is Marvel Brothel, viewers can also get in tune with Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex blogger Geoff Boucher, who extols the ongoing awesomeness of Dark Horse's B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth.

Check out all the goodness from the latest installment below:

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