If there's one thing we know about Galactus, it's that the possessor of the Power Cosmic is big. As Stan Lee once explained, the character was inspired by the question, "How could we get something bigger than a villain? Let's do a guy who's like a demigod-I like the name Galactus. He comes from Outer Space and eats planets, or some stupid thing."

Or some stupid thing indeed. The important part here is that if you're someone who considers celestial bodies to be tasty, Funyun-like snacks, you're operating on a very different scale than just about anyone else. And thanks to "Wonton Soup" artist James Stokoe, we may finally have an illustration that lives up to the massiveness of the Devourer of Worlds, with a 4-square-foot illustration of Galactus that he recently posted to Twitter. We can only fit a fraction of it here; see the rest after the jump.

(Still not big enough? Click through for an even more massive version.)

[Via James Stokoe]

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