The other day a rumor surfaced that Channing Tatum is interested in getting Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman for the Gambit solo movie following Rupert Wyatt’s exit last month. And we can now add two more names to the rumored director pile as a new report suggests that Fox is also eyeing Attack the Block director Joe Cornish and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black — all of these choices would be great, but the longer that director’s chair remains vacant, just about any choice will start to look appealing.

Heroic Hollywood reports that Liman is just one of the directors being considered for Gambit, adding that Fox and Tatum are also interested in Cornish and Black. Cornish’s name is often rumored for ambitious blockbusters — before Bob Orci reportedly strong-armed his way into (and promptly vacated) the director’s seat for Star Trek Beyond, Cornish was rumored for the job. Black is currently working on an original western series with Fred Dekker at Amazon, and is also set to helm a new Predator film. Cornish, meanwhile, hasn’t directed a feature since he impressed audiences with Attack the Block (the film that introduced us to John Boyega), though he did work on the Ant-Man screenplay with Edgar Wright before the latter left the project.

Again, any of these three guys would be great choices for Gambit, which is in desperate need of a director following Wyatt’s exit. The film has long been a passion project for Tatum, with Joshua Zetumer working on the screenplay based on a treatment from Gambit creator Chris Claremont. It’s clear that both the studio and Tatum are working very hard to make sure they get this right.

Gambit also stars Lea Seydoux and is set to hit theaters on October 7, 2016 — if they can find a director.

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