Are you (you) ready (ready) to (to) party? Following weeks of teasers at the official "Garfield" website, Jim Davis' 1986-1989 "U.S. Acres" (a.k.a. "Orson's Farm") comic strip has returned today in the form of a webcomic after an almost two decade absence in print. Perhaps best known as the "friends" component of CBS' animated "Garfield and Friends," "U.S. Acres" chronicled the misadventures of Orson Pig and his wacky barnyard friends.Davis was pretty cut-and-dry about the launch yesterday in an interview with USA Today's Pop Candy blog, in which he responded to a reader-submitted question about the possibility of a printed collected edition. Davis didn't directly address the print question, instead sticking to confirming the webcomic, but fans will have at least one location to consume the stories.

Though "U.S. Acres" only lasted three years in the funny pages, it spawned children's books and other merchandise that can still be procured through occasional eBay searches. [Update: and in a new store section online] I personally welcome the return of the omniphobic Wade Duck and his haunting shared-face inner tube.

[Via Pop Candy]

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