Hire This Woman is a recurring feature on ComicsAlliance that shines a spotlight on female comics creators, whether they're relative newcomers or experienced pros who are ready to break out. In an overwhelmingly male business, we want to draw your attention to these creators --- and to raise their profile with editors and industry gatekeepers.

Artist Genevieve FT has worked in animation and video games, but also has a love of comics. She's drawn Garfield comics as well as covers for Adventure TimeBravest Warriors, and Archie Comics.


ComicsAlliance: What is your preferred form of creative output?

Genevieve FT: Even though I like to create a page from the sketch to the color, pencilling is definitely my favorite part. It's where I take all the major decisions, from the composition, shot angles, expressions of the characters, etc. It's all pure drawing fun!

CA: Do you work on paper or digitally?  Why?

GFT: I mainly work digitally for final work. Now with a Cintiq, it's a time saver. But sketching on paper is still in my daily routine. I sketch a lot for concepts, thumbnails, or for pure pleasure!




CA: What’s your background/training? 

GFT: I studied 2D animation and fell in love with concept art and storyboards. I worked in the game industry as a production artist and then a concept artist. Through the years, I discovered a passion for comics because it covers all that I love about drawing.

CA: How would you describe your creative style?

GFT: There's definitely an animation feel to my style, very colorful and happy. But, as a big fan of Golden Age comics and retro pin-up drawings, I think I bring a vintage twist in my drawings.

CA: What projects have you worked on in the past? What are you currently working on?

GFT: I worked with Boom Studio doing cover art for Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. I also worked on guest comics for Garfield. Recently I worked on cover art for Archie Comics, which was a dream come true, as a big Archie fan!

I'm currently working on a lot of things that, unfortunately, I can't talk about...



CA: Approximately how long does it take you to draw a 20-page issue?

GFT: I'd say one to two months for pencilling, inking and coloring. It really depends on the story and the complexity of what I'm drawing.

CA: What is your dream project? 

GFT: I dream of working on a Josie and the Pussycats comics! Dan DeCarlo is one of the artists that inspired me the most and Josie and the Pussycats are some of my favorite characters!

CA: Who are some comic creators that inspire you?

GFT: Dan DeCarlo is one of my favorite artists, by far!  Darwyn Cook is also a big inspiration for me, and I love to see how his style evolved through the years.




CA: What are some comics that have inspired you either growing up or as an adult?

GFT: As a French-Canadian, I read a lot of Spirou and Tintin comics as a kid as well as a lot of Archie comics. As a teen, I discovered the cute and sexy comics of Arthur Depins; Pêchés Mignons, which played a big role in my style and one of the main reason why I started drawing pin ups. And Scott Pilgrim has also inspired me a lot, for the style but also the story.

CA: What’s your ideal professional environment?

GFT: Sharing a studio space with other professionals is always a great way to stay motivated and inspired. I always prefer to work freelance so I can travel when I want and manage my schedule the way I want it.




CA: What do you most want our readers and industry professionals to know about your work?

GFT: Trying new things and evolving is really important for me. I love projects that will challenge me and push my art further. As a feminist, it's important for me to work on projects that will support a strong and positive image of women.

CA: How can editors and readers keep up with your work and find your contact information?

GFT: I'm posting sketches on a daily basis on Instagram. I'm also very active on Twitter, you can follow my art on Tumblr, and visit my professional portfolio.




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