We learned a great deal about the My Little Pony modding community back when we shouted out the 21 Best Little Pony Superhero Mods, but we never expected that some of our favorite local artists and comics pros in Portland, Ore. would someday be part of it. But thanks to a gallery showing called "OMG PWN!IES!" at the Portland Sequential Art Gallery, that's exactly what happened.

ComicsAlliance was on hand, snapping pictures of ponies straight out of Star Trek, Tron, Watchmen, and Princess Mononoke by cartoonists and industry pros like Erika Moen, Lucy Knisley, Terri Nelson, and Cat Farris at the exhibit, which was co-curated by Kaebel Hashitani and Indigo Kelleigh. Check out their pwnies after the jump!

"Little Manhattan" by Katie Moody

"My Little Program" by
Indigo Kelleigh

"Mononoke Pony" by
Cat Farris

"My Little Cephalopony" by Erika Moen

"Lt. Edwyna N'eeigh" by Aaron Duran

"Juggalony Play Set - Shangri-Lalala and Baby Faygo" by Terri Nelson

"My Little Saturn V" by Rachel Edidin

"The Love In Their Eyes" by Lucy Knisley

Ammonia by Todd Brabander

"Albion 8175" by Melissa J. Armstrong

"Amerrickan Monroe's Cheshire Pony" by Merrick Monroe

"My Little Apocalypse" by Kaebel JK Hashitani