The cast of the Street Fighter series packs more ego and machismo than you can shake a shoryuken at, but French artist Bastien Vives felt like swapping around some anatomies and clothing choices to see what some of the games' most famous faces would look like with a few different things going on anatomically.
For some reason, Vega doesn't look all that different as a lady over on a Vives' blog, but Blanka, Sagat and Chun-Li are definitely distinguishable from their mainstream Capcom selves. Somehow, Guile and Deejay don't look all that different, mainly due to their hairstyles, but the line work Vives put into them is clean and inspired.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a female version of El Fuerte just yet. Give it some time, though, and hopefully Vives will get around to it. In the meantime, how many letters to Capcom do you think it would take to get these concepts made into DLC?

[Via Geek-Art]