Well-known comics artist Gene Ha is currently running a Kickstarter for his original graphic novel, Mae, about two sisters who end up on an unexpected adventure. According to Ha, it's a comic made for a broad audience from young adults on up. The project is already completed, and is just waiting for funding to be printed and shipped. That means we can show you an exclusive preview of Mae while you still have time to back the project!

ComicsAlliance is greatly in favor of broadening the audience for comics, so a project like Mae, which features two female protagonists in a fun adventure story that is welcoming to a wide variety of readers, is right up our alley. Ha is a really talented artist, and it will be interesting to see how he does as a writer. Not every creator can do both jobs, but it's clear that this is a passion project for Ha. While the Kickstarter campaign is funded twice over, there have still been a lot of stretch goals added, and you have until May 27 to support the project.

Here's what the Mae Kickstarter page says about the plot of the story:


Once upon a time in Indiana… a 13 year-old girl named Abbie Fortell disappeared. Her younger sister, Mae was left behind to finish school, take care of her ailing father, and build a life without her sister. Eight years later Abbie has returned, claiming she’s found a doorway to a world of adventure and monsters. These tales are hard to believe — at least until the monsters show up too…


Without further ado, enjoy the preview!