On sale in January from Marvel Comics is the 300th issue of Wolverine, starring the enduringly popular X-Man known for performing decidedly unpleasant tasks at levels of excellence that exceed those of other individuals. Written by Jason Aaron and featuring artwork by Adam Kubert, the extra-sized issue sees Wolverine return to Japan where he will encounter his daughter, a new Silver Samurai, and a villain whom Marvel promises will be Logan's most dangerous enemy yet.

Because Wolverine in Japan invokes in one's mind all sorts of fantastical images, Marvel recruited Geof Darrow to draw every single one of them in a wraparound cover that will be available as a variant edition of Wolverine #300. Check with your local comics shop to get the cover, and click after the jump to see Darrow's latest work in all its ultra-high-resolution, ultra-violent glory.

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Wolverine #300 goes on sale in January in comics shops everywhere. For more Geof Darrow, be sure to check out Hard Boiled (with Frank Miller), The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (also with Frank Miller) and, if you can find the out of print issues, Shaolin Cowboy.

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