Following two days of teaserfied image sending, Dark Horse has finally cast back the curtain on its mysterious warrior artwork. As suspected, Geof Darrow is on duty contributing an intense wraparound cover for October's concluding 25th issue of "Conan the Cimmerian," which will usher in the renumbered "Conan: Road of Kings" by Roy Thomas and Mike Hawthorne later this year.

While Darrow's contribution to the Conan comic book mythos ends with this cover for now, it's not impossible that the artist could return for further work down the line. Right Dark Horse?

Give the cover a more thorough look (split into larger "front" and "back" cover portions) after the jump. To sweeten the barbaric pot, we suggest you make like Martin Hanford and look around the carnage for a few recurring themes/items.

Can you spot?

-9 mouths spewing blood
-5 swords piercing flesh
-4 axes embedded in flesh
-4 severed heads
-4 cats
-3 legs kebabed by arrows

If you found everything, high-five!

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