To mark the release of Justice League #1, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee appeared at a special midnight book signing at New York's Midtown Comics Times Square store to meet fans and sign copies of the first title of the 52 newly relaunched DC comics to his shelves. ComicsAlliance was on hand to snap photos of the proceedings.Fans started lining up for the signing before noon -- 12 hours in advance -- in some cases bringing along chairs to make the wait more comfortable. While Johns and Lee were the headliners, other DC writers and artists showed up, including Batman, Swamp Thing and American Vampire writer Scott Snyder, who walked up and down the line talking at length with excited fans about his books.

Johns and Lee showed up with boxes of pizza to give out to everyone waiting in line:

Delicious pizza.

Pizza that not even Scott Snyder could resist.

By the time it was nearly midnight, the line had grown to over three hundred people and Midtown Comics was having to turn people away out of concern there wouldn't be enough time for everyone to get a book during the two-hour signing.

A few fans showed up in costume, and Midtown gave out prizes to the winners of a costume contest.

As midnight arrived, Johns and Lee took their places and the store opened its doors to the fans who had waited so patiently:

The first two people in line were given posterboard artwork of Lee's new Justice League designs:

One fan showed up asking Lee to sign his copy of X-Men #1 from 1991. Johns checked out the foldout cover.

And the fans weren't the only ones to walk away with something. Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder picked up an action figure to take home:

Congratulations to all the fans (and retailers and creators) who put so much time into this event, which was clearly enjoyed by one and all. Did you attend a midnight release? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments.

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