"Green Lantern" writer -- and Chief Creative Officer of DC -- introduced himself to those assembled for his spotlight panel with the kind of poise he's known for at conventions, "My name is Geoff Johns. I write comic books."

After opening the panel with some previously-seen Blue Beetle test footage, Johns took questions from the crowd, including one fan who brought him a poster of the characters from the Lantern spectrum as cereal mascots, a nod to his deep, personal love of sugary breakfast cereals.

From there the creator lifted the curtain on a few goings on in and around the DC Universe and its multimedia counterparts, including a Flash movie, a Suicide Squad video game, and details about the characters that will and won't be in the Green Lantern movie.Johns confirmed that a "Flash" movie (which recently acquired a writer) is still in development, and mentioned that both the yellow incarnation of fear, Parallax, plus pug-faced alien Green Lantern Kilowog will appear in next summer's "Green Lantern" film. Asked about whether characters like Kyle Rayner would appear, Johns added that "our goal is not to do one Green Lantern movie," and that they hope to include many more characters if "Green Lantern" becomes a full-on film franchise.

Next Johns surprised attendees with the announcement that a "hardcore violent" "Suicide Squad" video game is in the works. No time table was given, but it could coincide with the "Squad" film that's reportedly in the works.

Johns provided a rare insight into his personal life, admitting to the panel that he frequently assesses how he would defend himself from zombies if they were to attack his apartment.

When questioned about the possibility of a Green Lantern/Iron Man crossover written by himself and IM scribe Matt Fraction, Johns got a little competitive stating, "I'd like to see Tony Stark try to use Green Lantern's ring. Because he could not."

Fans of former Batgirl Cassandra Cain didn't get a whole lot of comic book comfort when one fan asked about DC's plans for the character. According to Johns, "There may be some things happening outside of comics for her."

Johns wrapped the panel by responding to the LA Times-fueled speculation that DC Comics would be relocating from New York City to LA. "Everything out there is speculation," said Johns.

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