If you've read my blogs here, at my original watering hole on Illustrated Fiction and Blog@Newsarama.com for very long, you know how much I love the work of Eddie Campbell, one of this medium's finest cartoonists.

No matter if you like his work or not, Campbell's Fate of the Artist Web site should be at the top of your must read blog list (after, of course, Comics Alliance), particularly if you're a budding cartoonist wanting to learn about your craft.

Along those lines, Campbell has devoted large chunks of blog space lately to dissecting his creative decisions about a plethora of things, from covers to the fine art of picking the right drawing paper for his recent Black Diamond Detective Agency to the missing head of Detective Fred Abberline from earlier printings of From Hell.

Fact is, Eddie's posts from across the Pacific pond are, in many ways, far more insightful -- along the lines of the sweet DVD extras you'll find on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and King Kong films -- than the recent trend toward "director's cut" editions of single-issue comic pamphlets.