Earth's first and last line of defense against the Dinosaur Empire and the alien Clan of the 100 Devils is getting the combining action figure treatment this spring from Hong Kong toy company FREEing with a reissued Dynamic Change Getter Robo Set, followed by an all new Dynamic Change Getter Robo G Set.

Based on the 1974-1976 Getter Robo manga by Ken Ishikawa and its corresponding anime series from Toei (Getter Robo and its sequel Getter Robo G were separate anime shows while the manga was one continous series - not unlike Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z in Japan), the new sets consist of of the three transforming jets known in the series as "Getters," which combine to form giant Getter Robo mechs. The Dynamic Change Getter Robo set comes with the series' Eagle, Jaguar and Bear jets that combine into the original Getter Robo, while the new Getter Robo G set will pair the Dragon, Liger and Poseidon jets that combine into Getter Robo G. Both toys stand around 5" tall when combining all three jets. These action figure sets are more or less 7 toys in 1.

The Dynamic Change Getter Robo Set is due out in April, with the Dynamic Change Getter Robo G set due out in May of 2014. North American preorder sites like are currently listing the figure sets for around $118 a pop. Should you long for a white and purple "prototype" version of the first GR set, Freeing's got one on those on the market as well.

You can see all the upcoming Getter goodness below.

Dynamic Change Getter Robo Set



Dynamic Change Getter Robo G Set




[Via Entertainment Earth]