Should Dark Horse ever publish a Hellboy/Super Mario Bros. 3 crossover in which their big red brawler dons a frog suit, they'll undoubtedly find no shortage of readership interest. Until that day comes, though, we'll have to settle for the sugary artwork or illustrator Glen Brogan. Brogan's mashups of video game characters, popular cartoon faces from the '90s and comic book icons would put the creativity in most sketchbooks to shame, but they make for one heck of a gallery.
Brogan's space girls and pop culture homages hang out on his website His Street Fighter work makes a strong case for a supermarket bonus level if Capcom's looking for ideas, and his "Scott Pilgrim" pieces are really first rate.

Have fun looking at those and picking apart the many levels of humor going on his Spider-Man/Sandman fight scene after the jump. Numerous Muppets and round bottoms await you there.

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