If you missed out on all the phalanx'n found in Square Enix's PSP release, 300: March to Glory back in 2006, Gamestop's got you quasi-covered with a new pre-order offer for God of War: Ascension. Gamestop's GoW:A standard and collector's edition preorder packages offer include a voucher code that reskins your protagonist as King Leonidas in multiplayer mode. The appearance of the character will be based on the cinematic adaptation of Frank Miller's original 300 graphic novel, rather than his artwork and, sadly, it doesn't sound like you'll be able to unlock a chubby Gerard Butler bonus look to rock as Kratos in the single player campaign.From the PlayStation blog:

We are very excited to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to offer you the chance to play as one of the biggest badasses in Greek history on the God of War: Ascension multiplayer battlefield. Donning King Leonidas's red cape, iconic helmet, and armor you will stand apart as one of the ultimate warriors of Sparta. King Leonidas also comes with his iconic spear, which has its own set of unique combat moves.

Fans who preorder this bundle will also get a GoW:A poster, which may or may not [Editor's note: it totally doesn't!] double as a... what's the word? Tactical? Yeah, tactical loincloth.

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