Good Smile Company will release the second of its "Big Three" Figma action figures from The Avengers movie in August with two different versions of Iron Man sporting his shiny Mark VII armor. The only hitch? Both of them will run collectors Tony Stark prices.

At ¥7,800 ($76.73 USD), the basic Iron Man Figma will stand roughly 6.5" tall and come with alternate hand parts, an articulated clear stand, repulsor effect parts that attach to its palms and feet, as well as a wrist-mounted rocket launcher piece.

Fans who want to pay a little extra -- like ¥8,800 ($86.57 USD) -- can get an exclusive "Full Spec" version of the Figma, which tacks on an alternate head part that exposes Tony Stark's face, plus even more extra parts that open up the vent flaps on the back of the suit and let it display firing missiles. While this figure goes for a premium price, all of its details set it apart from Hasbro's domestic Marvel Legends scale Iron Man figures. Then again, with the Thor and Captain America Figmas only going for ¥6,800 a pop, both versions of this figure will still have to prove their mettle to fans who are on the fence.

You can scope out both versions of the upcoming Iron Man Mark VII Figma below.