As one of modern comics' most celebrated writers, Grant Morrison has a tendency to speak his mind – especially when it comes to new projects. Since killing off Bruce Wayne in the pages of DC Comics' "Final Crisis," the writer has been busy promoting he and Frank Quitely's fresh take on "Batman and Robin," which puts new faces behind familiar masks.

Io9's Graeme McMillan interviewed the outspoken Morrison about the Caped Crusader's new status quo and while he had plenty to say about Dick Grayson's quest to fill the departed Bruce Wayne's Batboots, it's ultimately his spirited pitch that spells out his case for trying out the new series.

"Batman is dead. Robin is now Batman and Batman's evil son is now Robin. Everything is new again. If you ever liked Batman and don't want to see how that dynamic plays out, then may the Lord have mercy on your dry and shriveled worthless husk of a 'soul'! G'wan, g'wan, g'wan and buy 'Batman and Robin' before the whole world starts laughing at you for missing out! Missing this is like missing your own birthday!"

"Batman and Robin #1" is already in stores, with issue number two hitting shelves today, giving potential buyers enough time to avoid the world laughing at them.