It's a good week for fans of Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls. First, and most importantly, we've gotten the announcement that the Disney Channel is finally bringing us new episodes of Dipper, Mabel and Grunkle Stan's mysterious adventures on February 15, and second, they're starting up the hype with a Flash game on their website. That last bit isn't really worth noting, considering that you can play flash games based on everything from The Suite Life On Deck to Dog With a Blog over there, except for one thing.

You might want to go ahead and clear out the next hour from your work schedule, because Gravity Falls: Rumble's Revenge is actually pretty awesome.

The game is a sequel to the episode "Fight Fighters," in which the Street Fighter-esqueRumble McSkirmish was brought to life from his coin-op arcade cabinet and sent out to attack Dipper's teenage arch-nemesis under the impression that he killed Dipper's father (who is very much alive). For the game, that formula's been reversed, with Dipper and Mabel transported to the world of side-scrollin', fight-filled video games.

For "Fight Fighters," the show got artist Paul Robertson (whose site is pretty NSFW and who did the pixel art for the Scott Pilgrim video game) to handle Rumble's design. I'm not sure if he returned for this game, it looks amazing, and boasts his signature flair -- right down to gnomes puking rainbows after you beat them up in Level 1.

It plays great, too. The Special Attacks are amazing, with Dipper using Icelandic pop sensation BABBA to summon the Multi-Bear...

...And Mabel going into a Smile Dip frenzy to summon Aoshima:

If it had Grunkle Stan as a money-grubbing Mike Haggar, it would actually be the pefect side-scroller.

The only thing that's not 100% awesome about it is that it's a short game with only three different kinds of enemies, something that comes up in the game itself when you finally make it to the end:

But really, for a free flash game? This thing's amazing. With a few more levels and some more enemies, I'd pay good money to snag this thing on XBox Live, or even the Nintendo DS. Fortunately for my wallet, that's not quite necessary. Check out the game and get ready for new episodes now!

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