Many of you didn't enjoy the trailer for "The Green Hornet," and that's completely understandable. The Seth Rogen-starring action flick isn't necessarily mocking the source material, but the type of comedy on display might not be what die-hard "Green Hornet" fans are hoping for out of a big screen adaptation.

That said, if you are excited about the upcoming movie - and even if you're not, but you're still a big "Green Hornet" fan - you should be pretty psyched about the upcoming mini Mez-Itz on the way from Mezco. The toy company is issuing two-inch action figures of Green Hornet and Kato, neither of which bear any real resemblance to actors Rogen or Jay Chou. Better than those figures, however, is the Black Beauty, Green Hornet's ride of choice. Mezco is putting out a six inch version of the vehicle featuring "a detailed cockpit." Hornet, Kato and the Black Beauty all come packaged together, though I doubt the heroes actually fit inside of the car without a little...creative melting.The "Green Hornet" mini Mez-Itz arrive in stores in November of this year, two months in advance of the film's release.

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