It's been a big few months for licensed Batman '66 with DC Digital launching its comic series and loads of licensors working on products modeled after Adam West and Burt Ward in their iconic superhero roles. Some toymakers are thinking big -- or huge -- with their takes on the classic Batman show, but Mezco is offering colorful characters at a smaller, 2" tall size with its upcoming line of Batman '66 Mini Mez-itz. The toymaker had multiple versions of Batman, Robin, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and Joker on display at its Comic-Con booth, plus its in-scale Batmobile for the toys to tool around in. Get a load of some of the smaller-scale Batman '66 toys after the jump.

Fans feeling the Mini Mez-itz Batmobile (with Batman and Robin) can score the set for around $32-35+ at different outlets online, with the rest of the characters in the series to be offered in some configuration (most likely in the usual 2-packs) before too long.

You can see all the Batman '66 Mini Mez-itz shown at SDCC below.


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