Few Marvel villains inspire dread in the collective hero community the way the Red Skull does nearly every time he resurfaces. As one of the oldest villains in the Marvel Universe, he's been a thorn in not just Captain America's side since World War II, but he's managed to muck things up for the X-Men, the Avengers, and just about any other character that has found themselves standing on the side of the righteous. Now, he'll be bringing that terror to the One:12 Collective over at Mezco.

We've known this figure was coming for a few months, but the official announcement from Mezco gives us the most concrete idea of what to expect from the Red Skull when he arrives this summer. The Mezco version comes in garb that looks straight out of The First Avenger, with Red Skull decked out in a black leather trenchcoat and matching pants. A variant was shown during SDCC that was more of a classic approach, giving the Skull nothing but a bright green jumpsuit to wear. No indication yet where that might turn up, but a Previews Exclusive is a good guess.

Beyond that, Skull comes with a German pistol and the Cosmic Cube. You can't rightly have a Red Skull toy without one these days, and getting one for the One:12 Collective means we're well on our way to Mezco's first Marvel crossover toy event story. Well, at least those of us who play with our toys are anyway. Aside from having a few posing hands, there isn't much else to the Red Skull figure. The One:12 Collective has been releasing figures with lots of accessories to this point, so it is a little strange to see one so barebones. That's not to say the items included aren't appropriate, but there certainly could have been more to make the $80 price point a bit easier to digest.

The One:12 Collective Red Skull is available for pre-order now for $80, and is expected to arrive in Q2 2017.


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