The official Green Lantern trailer gives fans a quick look at the home planet of the Central Power Battery, Oa, but what of the grumpy old men who run the joint? Usually it's up to action figure press materials or leaked concept art to break character design news, but today Comic Book Movie spotted a licensed GL t-shirt from Urban Collector sporting the cinematic likeness of at least three Guardians of the Universe.Concept art featuring an unidentified Guardian surfaced awhile back, but these designs seem to feature shorter, less heroic-looking blue dudes with even bigger heads. It's possible too, that the Guardian on the left might be a lady, although it's hard to say when both male and female Guardians rock bald heads on the reg.

The center Guardian is probably Ganthet, although the GL movie might stick to the comics' original lore of the cosmic smurfs going nameless. In either case, we'll all probably call him Ganthet anyway or risk having to differentiate all the Guardians based purely on noggin size.

See the two new Green Lantern movie tees below:

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