We've seen a few images of Hal Jordan and his fellow corpsmen, Earthly villain Hector Hammond, plus an action figure teaser of film villain Parallax over the past few months, but as posted by The Daily Blam and reinforced by Just Jared's photos from this weekend's Spike Scream Awards, fans now have a good look at the most oathed-at item in the all of the sectors. Appropriately enough, the Green Lantern's power battery looks just as alien as the rest of what fans have seen from the film thus far.

Though The Scream Awards won't air until Tuesday, the presentation of the award for "Most Anticipated Movie" by Blake Lively (Carol Ferris) to co-star Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan) for Green Lantern seems like as splashy a time as any to make a power battery reveal (although I've gotta wonder how badly Spike's parent company Viacom must have lost in a Pokémon match against Warner Bros. for that kind of ad...).

The initial debut of Reynold's emerald outfit seemed to polarize some with its alien-looking organic qualities, but fan reaction to the costume in action seemed mostly favorable when we caught fan reactions to the Green Lantern movie footage shown at Comic-Con.

Provided those positive vibes have stuck around, fans will likely be okay with the film's version of the lantern, especially if individual corps members' batteries are as cosmetically different as they've been in the comic. The new shot certainly makes the lantern seem like a stylish center piece on a kitchen table, even if the Matrix-like alien glyphs and weird acrylic/wooden texture seem a bit '90s in this low-res (and low-lit) initial image.

Aesthetics aside, the real reveal seems to be the bug-like symbol stuck in the center of the lantern. No, it's not the Seth Rogen Green Hornet movie logo. Could it be a chunk of the Parallax bug trapped in each lantern or some such tangible way to demonstrate the ring's impurity?

Give the new lantern images a look below and see what you think.

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