When Mimoco announced its series of Mimobot Batman USB flash drives at the beginning of the year, fans were likely hoping that wouldn't be the last of their DC Comics digital storage options. Provided you dig the Green Lantern, there's four more surf board-like faces to choose from for your grab-and-go data needs. Joining Hal Jordan are Sinestro (in his Sinestro Corps uniform), Kilowog and Tomar-Re.
Rather than adopting the CGI looks sported by the Corps in this summer's upcoming GL film, these flash drives are firmly based on their comic book counterparts. Depending on how you feel about the more biological look of the movie, these might be a safer bet for longtime fans.

Each of the flash drives comes in either 4 or 8 gig capacities with sites like BigBadToyStore pricing them at around $25 and $40, respectively.

See the full lineup of characters below:

[Via Robot6]

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