While much of the comics world bustles around the convention center in Chicago at C2E2, writer Greg Rucka wasn't able to make the show year, but he was able to able to offer fans -- many of whom are still mourning the end of his Batwoman run -- a teaser of projects to come.

The art, which I believe is by Rich Burchett, shows an armed man from what looks to be frontier-era America. Now, this is complete and total speculation on my part, but given the subject matter -- and the word "soldier" in the image filename -- could these be preliminary drawings from the "American Soldier" project that Rucka teased back at the Wondercon panel where he announced his departure from DC Comics?As Rucka explained at the time:

Another thing I wanted to do is called "American Soldier." I'm still doing research on this. The idea is... it starts in 1750, follows the service of a man, probably from Pennsylvania, in the Revolutionary War. That's the first volume. The second volume is the War of 1812, and it's sister's grandson. And then, say, the Civil War, and then the Spanish-American War. To take this family's tree as described by their service to their country all the way up the present. That's a ten-year project! So I don't know if I'm even going to get that thing off the ground, let alone find some poor son of a bitch willing to publish it. Or worse, who wants to be the guy or gal who has to draw that? Because I'd love to have the same artist all the way through. That would be so cool!

Sounds like it could be a match, but only time and official announcements will tell. We're into it either way, but then again Greg Rucka could probably announce that he was going to release an over-sized luxury edition hardcover graphic novel about the history of wallpaper and we'd still preorder it at our local comic shop.

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