Just in time for Halloween, ComicsAlliance favorite Graham Annable returns with a spooky new animated episode of Grickle. Titled "Performance," Annable's short puts a distinctively twisted, er, twist on that most awkward of events: the school talent show. Following the lead of a rather straightforward recorder solo, two unassuming musicians take the stage and unleash their own unholy brand of goth synth pop upon a crowd of horrified onlookers... that is, until a kindred spirit inspires considerably more appreciation. No, it's not Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, but it's almost as good.

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The video's kooky twist is something Annable fans have come to know and love, especially those who've picked up his latest clickable videogame, Puzzle Agent. Click here for more of our coverage of the charmingly weird work from Graham Annable, including his "Grickle" collection from Dark Horse, and don't forget to check out his official site.

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