I'd have to think that in most stories, trying to find a cure for death --- like, an actual recipe for immortality that would prevent anyone from dying - would be the entire plot. I mean, that's a big idea and it seems like there are a lot of adventures that you could have getting there, right? Well, in Marc Guggenheim and Freddie E. Williams's The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum, that's something that's already happened before we even get to page one.

The story follows the adventures of a man who has the power of infinite intelligence, and while you'd think that would mean that wouldn't be many threats that he couldn't think his way out of, it turns out that there are certain classics that never go out of style --- and by that, I mean that he's attacked by ninjas on Page 2. The first issue is out today, but you can catch a short preview of it below!


The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum


The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum


And here's the official word from Legendary:

Legendary Comics presents The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum, an original sci-fi odyssey from two of the most exciting voices in superhero storytelling: Marc Guggenheim (writer of the hit TV series Arrow) and visionary artist Freddie Williams II (Justice League America, The Flash, Robin).

Meet Jonas Quantum: a maverick hyper-genius with the power to cure death in the morning, time travel in the afternoon and unlock transdimensional wormholes at night. And what have you done with your day?

Blessed with the curse of infinite intelligence, there’s only one thing Jonas Quantum can’t do: play well with others.

This thrilling 6-part action-adventure spans cosmic voyages, history-changing inventions, and delusions of grandeur.

Release Date: September 16, 2015
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Freddie Williams II
Monthly series
Price: $3.99 single-issue cover price

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