In the month or so that follows San Diego Comic-Con, things can get a little hazy. Stories can fall away, and there's some serious catching up that comes after the fervor and madness.

Case in point: When Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released its extremely vague movie schedule last week, I speculated that one of the dozen or so movies set for release could be a Justice League Dark movie directed (or at least produced) by Guillermo Del Toro. It's a project del Toro has been talking about for a couple years. Now it seems like all but a done deal, if Del Toro's Comic-Con interview with IGN is much of an indication.

Skip ahead to the nine-minute mark in the video above and you'll hear Del Toro discuss the project, which he says is being planned as a feature film (the Facebook fan who asked the question proposed it as a TV show or Netflix offering).

"We are deep in the screenplay writing phase," he said. "I think we see eye-to-eye, Warners and DC and myself, on what the movie is. I think it's really, really well served as a movie. Then you can expand it."

Del Toro outlined his team line-up for the film: Demon, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Constantine, and this curveball: The Floronic Man. Though there are reportedly plans for The Spectre to show up on the Constantine TV series, Del Toro said he likely wouldn't be in the Justice League Dark movie.

Del Toro said the TV and movie universes are intended to remain separate, which is in line with statements from DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, though Del Toro also said he was open to casting Constantine's Matt Ryan as the movie version of John Constantine. He's a pretty flexible guy.

Check out the full video for info about Pacific Rim 2 and the outside possibility of a Hellboy 3, which Del Toro said he'd be excited to make, but which the money guys just don't want to pay to produce.

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