The worlds of comics and superheroes may be full of polluters, but they're also loaded with helping hands. The BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico got a lot of creators thinking about what they could do to help out, and "Venture Bros." animatic director Thomas Bayne not only assembled an impressive auction of original drawings and production artwork; he inspired a group of webcomickers including Anthony Clark of "Nedroid," Christopher Hastings of "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja" and Jonathan Rosenberg of "Goats" to donate their own work to an auction of their own.

Bayne's auction can be found on eBay, where each item's description explains that he's raising money to fulfill a $100,000 commitment to the charitable fund at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation though the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. Information on Carly Monardo's Web-Comics Auction For The Gulf Coast can be found over at Lasagna Children collective's website, where webcomic creators are encouraged to drop her a line and donate their work.

Check out a smattering of the "Venture Bros." production drawings, storyboards and more helping the clean up cause after the jump.

[Via Fleen]

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