Have you ever wanted to be known as the world's only supervillain without having to go through all the effort of kicking police in front of trains or toppling skyscrapers? Well now you can bidding in Mark Millar and Dynamic Forces' "Win The Title Role In 'Nemesis' Auction" on eBay.

The latest in a line Millar-conceived comic book identities to be auctioned off for charity, Nemesis' secret identity joins Kick-Ass and Nemesis' good cop rival to help raise money for a special charity benefiting handicapped children.

While winning the name means immortalization in Millar's upcoming comic, given the early rumblings of a movie adaptation in the vein of "Kick-Ass," it has the potential added value of boosting the purchased identity to blockbuster status. As of post time, the name is already fetching thousands of dollars, could it see tens of thousands before all is said and done? Check it out before it's too late.

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