Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's violent and often crude Kick-Ass is returning next year, and it's going monthly. Not only that, but Millar has confirmed that it instead of Dave Lizewski underneath the green and yellow mask, it will be a brand new character, a black woman, taking up the mantle of Kick-Ass.

Announced today via The Hollywood Reporter, Millar stated he wants to turn the concept of Kick-Ass into something where different characters inhabit the role, sometimes for multiple miniseries and sometimes perhaps for one issue.

"Being older or younger or female or African-American just seems more interesting to me as a writer because this character is quite unique and opens up story possibilities that hasn’t been tried in almost eighty years of superhero fiction."

Millar also notes that the demographic of white males aged around 30 is "pretty well catered for in popular culture." Pop culture properties that serve that demographic include Wanted, Kingsman, and Kick-Ass.


The new Kick-Ass series will be written by Millar with art by Romita Jr, who is said to be committed to the franchise for the next three years.

Also announced today is a new monthly ongoing Hit-Girl series, by Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque. Millar plans to write the first arc of the new series, before handing over the title to Daniel Way.

Previously, Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl comics were published by Marvel's Icon imprint, but as with the upcoming Reborn series with Greg Capullo, Millar is releasing these new titlesthrough his own Millarworld imprint, which is making the transition to full publisher status.

Both Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are due for release in January 2017.

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