Less than a week after Superman's first appearance in "Action Comics" #1 sold at auction for a record-setting $1,000,000, Bleeding Cool is reporting that "Detective Comics" #27, the first appearance of Batman, has shattered that record with a Bruce Wayne-sized $1,075,000 price tag, thus ensuring that Comics Retailers are going to have a fun week dealing with people demanding their million for copies of 1992's "Batman: Shadow of the Bat" #1.

Presumably, this all comes down to the fact that in today's economy, a mild-mannered reporter just can't keep up with a billionaire playboy. But whoever ended up buying this one, we here at ComicsAlliance have some bad news: You got totally ripped off. Our copy of "The Batman Chronicles" v.1 has Batman's first appearance and fifteen other stories, and we picked it up at our local shop for $14.99.