Nicolas Cage has starred in two Ghost Rider movies, co-starred in Kick-Ass, provided voice work for the CG animated Astro Boy and was attached to play the lead in an ill-fated '90s Superman film. The next Nicolas Cage comic book movie won't be like any of the above, however -- in fact, Cage may not have much to do with it at all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate is developing a film about the 2000 theft and return of Cage's personal copy of Action Comics #1.Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the screenwriters who created and starred in the television comedy Reno 911! (although they'll always be two of the guys from The State to me), have written a heist comedy in which a group nerds relieve Cage of his copy of the valuable 1938 comic book, which featured the first appearance of Superman.

It's entitled Action No. 1, presumably because DC Comics owns the proper name "Action Comics."

Here in the real world, Cage's copy of the book eventually resurfaced in 2011, found in an abandoned storage locker, and was later auctioned for $2.1 million. How close the script will stick to the details, however, is anyone's guess at this point: It's not a documentary.

While THR reports that the Nic Cage role in the movie was written with the idea that the real Cage would play him, and while Cage is probably one of the most... game movie stars in Hollywood today, they say it's unlikely Cage will actually end up playing himself in the film. Let's hope his schedule frees up-after all, it's the role he was born to play!

The magazine also reports that "Jason Statham's name has surfaced" in connection with the film, but that their sources say it's unlikely he's been cast as the Cage character. Maybe Statham will play an anthropomorphic copy of Action Comics #1?

We'll keep you updated on this intriguing sounding film as news develops. In the mean time, who would you guys cast to play Nicolas Cage?

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