When Jeffrey Rowland's quasi-autobiographical webcomic "Overcompensating" recently printed a strip about guns -- and an accompanying t-shirt reading "Keep Your Bullets Out of My Body" -- readers could have been forgiven for thinking he was taking a stand in support of gun control.

He quickly clarified, however, that he was not anti-gun so much as he was anti-getting shot: "I don't think people shouldn't be allowed to own guns. I just don't believe they should be able to creep up next to me when I am in line at Cat Food Hut and shoot me back of the head."

Now, Rowland has declared it to be "Guns Week" at "Overcompensating," and plans to explore the divisive issue in more detail. The first installment asks whether or not it is unduly burdensome for the government to ask people to fill out a form if they want to own more than 300 guns, and because this is America, I'm assuming this is a real thing that people fiercely debate and not a funny joke.