Ever since Nedroid creator Anthony Clark revealed that he'd been "...working with a well-known Webcomics company to start offering some merchandise..." when we hit him up earlier this month, fans have been speculating that Jeffrey Rowland's TopatoCo would be the place to be to score some Beartato and Reginald merch. Now, thanks to a Tweet by said company, the future is clear. The future is Beartato.

There's no official word on when this shirt (and likely other items) will be made available on TopatoCo's Nedroid store aside from a somewhat vague "coming soon," comment, but if the items are printed I'd estimate a release within the month.

While wearable merchandise is 100 percent acceptable, I'm not ashamed to admit my massive craving for toys - plush or otherwise. A squishable Beartato perhaps? Or maybe official vinyl representations of the cast?

There's still plenty of artwork and a few buttons to tide fans over while they wait for TopatoCo's releases at the Nedroid shop, but this tease has likely just made the wait for full-fledged merchandise un-beartato-able.

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