If the next Mega Man game shipped with box art as grim and epic as the boss mountain depicted on Gustavo Valencia's deviantART account, Capcom certainly wouldn't lose any fans based on appearances. The Colombian artist shade dramatic weight into most of his video game and anime-based work, though Pikachu really gets put through the ringer, being stuffed into small glass tubes and mutated into a Pokémon/Elec Man hybrid.
The Yoda and Neon Genesis Evangelion poses that Valencia slings around are nothing to scoff at either. He's got keen sense of color and knows just how to keep a 2-D portrait low on elements and high on tension.

Still not convinced? Well, try on his in-progress Harley Quinn for size, and take a look at how his lines and color strokes come together. The guy's got some big-time digital skills, and if he's going to use them for anything, it might as well be characters like these.