Because ComicsAlliance readers are an awesome and industrious lot, you've sent in photographs of your own homemade Halloween costumes and Jack-o-Lanterns for us to publish as part of our blitz of Halloween-themed content. We're a day late, it's true, so consider the following photographs of CA readers (and contributors!) our first post in celebration of the Day of the Dead.

@Essa_Dee as the Joker, Chris Haley as Robin, Amy Gregory as Wonder Woman (photo by Joey Miller)

Jordan Witt as Captain America

Jem and the Holograms: Brandon Gillespie as Aja, Joey Miller as Jem, Chris Covington as Shana, and Ryan Sisung as Kimber.

Let's Be Friends Again creators Chris Haley and Curt Franklin as Robin and Pikachu (photo by Joey Miller)

Michael Panyard as Batman

Scott Lowe as Cyclops

ComicsAlliance Associate Editor Andy Khouri as Starman Jack Knight

Pearl the Pug, loyal companion of ComicsAlliance Senior Editor Caleb Goellner

ComicsAlliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson as Nyan Cat

"Daddy, I know what I want to be for Halloween. I'm gonna be half Batman, half turtle, half karate master, half Jedi and half ninja!" - nephew of Branwyn Bigglestone

Michael Mazurek as Clark Kent

The Fortress of Solitude sent in by Tony Wolf

Emma Frost and Cyclops sent in by Tony Wolf

Noah Wolcott as LEGO Joker (AMAZING)

Shannon Riley as Batman

Three-year-old as Bumblebee sent in by proud dad P.R. Scholtz

Joker-o-Lantern by Jason Lee

Teenage Mutant Ninja Lantern by Elliott A Sawyer

Batman: The Long Halloween pumpkin by Jamie Fickes