Mr. J, your custom Harley Quinn action figure is ready for pick up.

Figure Realm user Magnum PI created his very own custom Harley Quinn toy based upon her appearance in Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham Asylum," using nothing more than "a Danger Girl for the base, Sheri Moon head, Apoxie Sculpt for the details and cloth for the skirt." While it's not as articulate as some of the DC Universe Classics offerings, the level of detail and accuracy on this figure is pretty darn remarkable.

You know, with recent report that there could be a "Bane" video game spinning out of "Arkham Asylum," it's hard not to think about the possibilities of some of the Dark Knight's other notorious rogues as potential video game protagonists - someone like Harley Quinn, for example. She is easily one of the creepiest characters in "Arkham Asylum," and Magnum PI's custom job certainly serves as a reminder of that fact. If the folks at Rocksteady are seriously considering breaking certain villains out of "Arkham Asylum" and into their own games, I would endorse a Harley-centric game that sends players out on missions to take care of the Joker's dirty work. That sounds kind of great to me.[Source: Toy Cutter]