I'll be honest with you guys: As much as I love Harry Potter, I've always felt that the lack of giant robot combat was the major flaw of the series. Fortunately, Neill Cameron, the creator of the awesome Mo-Bot High and the upcoming dinosaur buccaneer epic, Pirates of Pangaea, has finally taken it upon himself to correct this oversight.

Over at his website, Cameron has mashed up his own creation with everyone's favorite teen wizard to bring you Harry Potter With Giant Robots, and my friends, that is a combination that's up there with chocolate and peanut butter. Check out his awesome sketches after the cut!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Mo-Bot High, it follows the adventures of Asha, a young lady who starts at a new high school and discovers that all of the students can control giant fighting robots with their mobile phones. As you might expect, this leads to some complications for her academic career, namely the fact that "picking on the new girl" involves blowing holes in the gym with hard-light hologram rocket punches.

So really, a character whose education involved turning one of his teachers into dust, fighting a giant snake and being stalked by a shape-shifting convicted murderer for a year should fit right in.

In addition to the piece above, Neill sketched out the cast, complete with their mobile phones. Here's Harry:

Ron, complete with his broken wand:

And Hermione, no doubt dominating a Words With Friends game between classes:

While they're not in the piece above, Cameron even did his designs for a few members of the Hogwarts staff, and again, you cannot tell me that those books would not be improved with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and the Satan Claw.

Here's the cybernetically enhanced headmaster, Digi-Dumbledore:

And the Destro-esque potions professor, Cyber-Snape:

One assumes that Lord Voldemort was probably a gigantic snake-man with tank treads instead of legs and chainsaws for arms.

Honestly, even if you took away their phones, wrist-rockets and robot arms, I'd be pretty interested in seeing Cameron's version of the series. The only thing is, the Gryffindor-Bot would definitely have to show up at some point:

For more of Cameron's art, check out his website, and if you're in the UK, pick up Mo-Bot High in hardcover and keep an eye out for Pirates of Pangaea in The Phoenix, an all-new weekly comic series that starts on January 7, 2012 -- hopefully with a digital version for those of us over here across the Atlantic.

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