You can give me the best work by Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, and Osamu Tezuka, and I'll still tell you there are no better comics that comics created by children. There's something about the unbridled freedom of a kid unleashed with a set of markers and a blank page that you can't beat. Now Neill Cameron of Mega Robo Bros has launched the Comics Club Blog to provide resources for kids to get more involved in making their own comics, with tips, challenges and galleries to encourage creativity.

Cameron is the author of the book How To Make Awesome Comics, and has spent nearly ten years heading up workshops encouraging children to make comics. He runs a local Comics Club in Oxford, UK, but with the new website he's taking its mission global to spread the message that, "Anyone Can Draw, Even People Who Think They Can’t Draw."

One of the main goals of the new site isn't just to encourage kids to make their own comics, but to encourage adults to start their own Comics Clubs for children. The site will be hosting monthly Comics Challenges with contributions from a range of the world's best cartoonists in an effort to give the clubs a jumping off point for their classes.

The website will also provide a number of resources, including blank comics templates, recommended books on comics craft, and links to other useful information. The first Comics Challenge starts on Friday 13 January, and more information can be found at the @ComicsClubBLOG on Twitter, and on the ComicsClub.Blog.


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