This weekend, England's Prince William is getting married to Kate Middleton, and while this is apparently a pretty important event that necessitates both 24-hour coverage and collectible plates, I've never really seen what the big deal is. Or at least, I didn't, until Neill Cameron told the shockingly awesome, 100% True story of just how they met.

Cameron, of course, is the artist who brought us the A-Z of Awesomeness and a yearly look at Lesser-Known Santas. Plus, he's British, which not only makes him automatically classy, but gives him the insight and first-hand knowledge into chronicling what is, without question, one of the greatest romances of our time. Check out the full (if brief) story after the jump!

Ah, young love!

In addition to his work as the unofficial Royal Biographer, Cameron has also revived his A-Z of Awesomeness project in order to raise money for ongoing relief efforts in Japan, and is taking suggestions from readers on what to draw! Check it out at his website!

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