Earlier this month, ComicsAlliance brought you some yuletide cheer from one of our favorite artists when I put up the best Santas of his 2009 Santa Sketchfest. But like I said then, it's a yearly tradition, and this years have somehow managed to be even better. This one, for instance, might as well be this year's Marvel Christmas card:

Wolverine Santa

As always, Cameron took suggestions on just how to draw Santa from his readers, and the results are the perfect way to kick off the final countdown to Christmas this week! So today, we've got the 15 Best Drawings From This Year's Santa Sketchfest... including one that comes in two equally awesome versions! Check them out after the jump!

Skeleton Santa

Mighty Morphin' Santa Rangers
Buffy Santa
Soviet Santa
B-Boy Santa
Drunk Lego MiniFigure Santa
Davros Santa
Cerberus Santa
Overweight Princess Leia Cosplayer Santa
Baby Yeti Santa
Bored But Slightly Horny English Literature Post-Grad Santa
Alan Moore Santa

And finally, there's my personal favorite, the one I requested myself:

Kirby Santa!

When I made the request, I wanted to see Neil draw a Santa in the style of legendary comic creator Jack Kirby (which he did downright perfectly), but knowing I'm also a pretty big fan of video games, Neil included a second Kirby Santa as well:

And not only is that adorable, it's also pretty likely to actually happen in a Kirby game.

For more, don't miss the final four entries of this year's Santa Sketchfest over at Neil's blog, and while we're getting down to the wire, it might not be too late to make your own requests! Thanks, Neil!

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