With midnight moviegoers poised to catch the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiere tonight, the boy wizard is riding high on the cultural zeitgeist. So when My Chemical Romance bassist (and sometimes-writer for DC Comics) Mikey Way spoke his mind about the striking resemblance between one of Vertigo's most magical characters and J.K. Rowling's creation, his comment hit close to home.

"If you go to Harry Potter dressed like Tim from 'Books of Magic,' you'll be properly dressed," Way wrote.

No joke!

There's definitely no cry of foul play - other than some pretty standard Wizarding motifs, the two really only share a common look. Tim Hunter's first appearance in Neil Gaiman's "The Books Of Magic" preceded Potter's debut by about seven years and the boys' paths have certainly lead in different directions story wise. Still, the lads could be twins.

Not that I'm into cosplay, but dressing like Tim (which for most would involve a simple pair of glasses) could very well be the most ironic way to secretly spice up tonight's impending wizard love fest. If any Tim-framed gentlemen or ladies decide to go in on the joke, all I ask is that you send us pictures.

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